Maria Matikka (b. 1984) gratuated as Master of Fine Arts in 2011 from Finnish Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki after her BA in visual arts from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (2003-2007). She works and lives in the capital area of Finland.
Human or animal figure, symmetric compositions as well as theatrical installations and intense lighting are the characteristics of Maria's work. She is driven by the idea of combining materials and different sentiments as in collage technique in video as well as in printmaking.

Maria is also the other half of cinematic art collective Together Forever Studio. She is responsible for many of the key animations of hand drawn scenes and in charge of directing and scriptwriting together with his husband Tommi Matikka. Among videos Maria has been very active in the field of printmaking, especially in monotypes.

"Humans, symmetrical iconic compositions, theatrical installations, lights and grey scale are some aspects that follow me what ever I do. Characters in my portraits have photography sharp faces. Other body parts are roughly drawn and backround is often empty.
I want to take you with my black and white stories to the midst of giant pop-up-book, through the rabbit hole, to make you see better."


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