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Monsters of Facebook (2014)

experimental single channel
Director/screenplay: Tommi Matikka
Sound/music: Tommi Matikka
Editing: Tommi Matikka 
Story: Tommi Matikka
Voices: Tommi Matikka and Maria Matikka
HD video, 5min 5sec


Kolmiulotteiset hirviöt ilmestyvät Facebookin kaksiuloitteiseen maailmaan kertomaan tarinaa. Tarina kertoo monstereiden syntyhistorian ja esittelee hahmokavalkadin. Lopuksi on aika valita oma monsterinsa ja jatkaa siitä mihin video loppui.

* * *

(in english)
Three-dimensional monsters appear on the two-dimensional surface of Facebook world to tell a story. The story is about the origins on those monsters. At the same time the characters are being introduced on the display. At the end is time to choose one's own monster and continue on where the video stopped.