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Kuvan kevät, Helsinki May-June 2009
Kaiku Gallery, Helsinki

Inside a darkened room is a three dimensional impressive setting been displayed. This particular half of the room is turned into a stage of puppet theatre scenery. There is a young couple in the shadows of three apple trees having a picnic. Man and woman both have strings attached to their clumsy looking hands, going all the way to the sealing, or all the way up to sky. Everything seems to be in lovely order. Even though only greyscale of colours is used, the shades are skilfully emphasized with the vague lighting. How ever there’s something wrong with this picture. There’s something else going on to catch your eye. The same kinds of apples that lie under the trees, blackened and starting to rot, are placed to their chests instead of blood pumping hearts. Dark apples on the floor remind us of death and decay, the horrible consequences that came to world because the Fall of man - is the entire installation subtle allegory of one of the most radical events happened during entire human history?
The man and the woman carry a calm smile while looking at each others, but in their nature they carry a real burden of the first man and woman, the rotten core. But the good news are that the Creator had, still has and will have the total control over all matters, over His art, even what comes to destructive first sin presented here. Only the maker himself can provide you something more tasty than the mouth watering apple you are living for. The installations imagery is so recognizable and naturally built that it haunts you with its appealing humane aesthetics.

Tommi Matikka

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