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See the Free Sample book layout

installation, communal artproject, artbook (size 25 x 33,3 cm / ca. 700 copies)
diploma work 2007

The outcome of this long-term project is the animated video work called For he Love of Silly Things (2011). You can view it in the animation gallery.

The Free Sample was presented as an installation from which you could freely take one copy of the book with you. The installation took place in Rauma Art Museum. After all most of the Free Sample books found their new owners from the counters of Kiasma Kauppa, Academy of Fine Arts and Tennispalatsi artmuseum, all located in Helsinki. On the last page of the book was request to give me a gift in return and colour/modify both sides of a blank 500 € note and send it back to me. About 300 different coloured images are used in the final animation.

There are 20 pages in the book. With every colouring image there is standard describtion found in books that present works of art - name, size, medium and production year of the piece. It is impossible to tell if the images are representations of the actual work of art - or just creating an illusions of something not existing. It is as if every image comes more real when colouring takes place - even inside persons mind without any concrete action. This way I am, as an artist, trying to offer an art experience that is more "real", activating a genuine process inside one's mind.