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BURDEN (2012/2013)

Director/screenplay: Maria Matikka
Sound/music: Tommi Matikka
Editing: Tommi Matikka
HD video, 4min 40sec

Supported by
2012 Arts Council of Helsinki Metropolitan Region
2012 Culture Committee of Espoo
2012 Arts Council of Finland

Shooting location: Dakar, Senegal



* * *

(in english)
A caucasian woman is dressed in traditional African style. As the locals in Senegal, she is carrying a burden on top of her head in a suburb of Dakar. Senegaleses' reactions show how well woman has adapted their culture. Children are laughing at her as she tries haltingly to balance with her pack. Her burden is filled with water and different species of exotic, attractive and colorful fish in it. As soon as she enters back to her apartment her burden vanishes as it never really existed.